My Studio

Last year a long-awaited dream came true–I added a studio onto my little cabin. I thought you might enjoy seeing it.

This is the space that I envisioned being turned into a studio. It was a covered deck. (Its not as long as it looks–weird camera angle.) The space is about 11 feet by 20 feet.



The beginning of construction. Here everything has been removed except the roof.


Pretty soon walls with spaces for window and doors were added!


And here is the finished studio. I found this small schoolteacher’s desk that is just the right height, and so nice and flat and sturdy. It is a perfect cutting surface for me.


I followed directions I found online and made a large ironing surface for the same desk.


This case is where I keep most of my stash. It was an old case that belonged to my grandfather. I am so happy to have it and to be able to re-use it. It is sitting on a case made by Ikea. The baskets are handy for holding things that aren’t quite finished yet.



Several years before I got the studio, I bought this heavy-duty table that my Janome machine will set into. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to sew like this.


And a long view of the room from the front door. To the left is a walk in closet that holds a LOT of stuff. I put two large commercial steel shelf/racks that I got at Costco in there. And bought lots of clear tubs to hold STUFF. I love the lighting I chose for the room. Three of the lights are LED lights, and the fourth is halogen track lighting. I like that I can direct that lighting at the design wall.



And of course, the big comfy chair. I do enjoy sitting here, either to do some hand-stitching, or when I need to get some inspiration. Of course, there are plenty of comfy dog beds scattered around the studio.


This picture shows the small pull-out ironing board from that piece of furniture. That is a multi-purpose piece that I found at a quilt show. The top is a light box, and both sides fold up so it is quite a large work surface if you need it. There are four small drawers that hold all my threads, and the ironing board that pulls out.



And, lastly, I thought you’d like to see a picture of the studio as it actually looks when I am working in it 🙂



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